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Fetisso – short black latex gloves with nails

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Fetisso gloves are the best fitting gloves!!

Size S, M, L.



Do you like long nails and gloves? That it does not go together? But yes, these amazing gloves with sticked long red nails are proof of that. Bright colors of nails and extreme length as well as variants with sharp pointy ends. You are more than welcome to enjoy your passion and order a pair of these specialty gloves!


You can choose from red, pink, metalic, white, purple, blue and black nail-polish or you can choose your favorite color. Almost everything is possible!

Ask another person for help when putting these gloves with nails on as well as getting them off.
Please be warned the gloves with nails is delicate goods and one needs to make sure not to rip off the nail. This is particularly important with the extremely long nails, where the leverage ratio can be very high.

Material: 0.35 mm thick latex.

Delivery time
Manufacturing of the gloves is 3-4 weeks.


More pictures:  Gallery with gloves


Type of nails:


Type nail 1



Type nail 2



Type nail 3


Type nail 4


Type nail 5


Type nail 6


Type nail 7


Gallery with gloves


Sizing: I’ll help you choose the right size according to circuit of hand under the thumb and circuit of the wrist.

Hand (cm)16-1718-1920-2122-2324-25
Wrist (cm)14-1516-1718-192021

Additional information


S, M, L



Nail type

1-square, 2-semi-square, 3-round, 4-spiked, 5-long spiked, 6-extreme lenght, 7-extreme lenght

Nail color

red, pink, black, blue, metalic silver, white, purple, gold


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