How to measure yourself

Despite having an eshop, I want to provide all of my customers with the custom fit service. Therefore there is no simple XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL sizing (except for stock products), but I want you to provide your measurements so that I can ensure the best possible fit of made to measure fashion. This is the next best option to visiting me, when I take those measurements myself. This tutorial provides you with basic information on how to take your own measurements.

What do you need?

  • flexible measuring tape
  • a person who helps you with taking the measurements
  • this tutorial to understand what to measure

What to measure?

Description of measurements

There is quite a few measurements I may need, but don’t be scared – for a particular dress I typically don’t need all of them and try to minimize measurements for you.
Please note you can store these measures in your personal profile and it will be automatically filled in from there into your orders (and yes, you can modify it there before adding the item to the cart.)

  1. Head circumference
    Circumference taken around the head at the level of forehead.
  2. Neck circumference
    I need circumference of the lower part of your neck.
  3. Breast circumference
    Measured across the widest part of your breast (women) or chest (men).
  4. Front half of breast circumference
    Measured from the mid of armpits across the widest part of your breast/chest.
  5. Circumference under the breast (ladies only)
    Circumference just below the breast.
  6. Waist circumference
    Measured in the narrowest circumference of your upper body. For the some measurements further below (namely measuring various lengths), tie a strap or string around your waistline so that you have reference point where to start measuring.
  7. Hips circumference
    Measured parallel to the waist about 10cm below it, across the bones.
  8. Seat circumference
    Measured horizontally in around widest point of your buttocks.
  9. Thigh circumference
    Measured horizontally cca 5cm under the crotch.
  10. Above knee circumference
  11. Knee circumference
  12. Calf circumference
  13. Ankle circumference
    Measured above the joint.
  14. Foot circumference
    Measured at the widest spot of the foot.
  15. Biceps circumference
  16. Elbow circumference
  17. Wrist circumference
  18. Hand circumference
    Measured at the widest spot of the hand above the thumb.
  19. Neck length
    Measured from the widest part of your neck to the chin.
  20. Neck to waist length
    Measured from the widest part of the neck to the waist line.
  21. Clavicle to breast nipple length
  22. Breast nipple to waist length
  23. Under the breast to waist length (ladies only)
  24. Waist to crotch to back/waist length
    Measured from the waist line down to crotch and then on the back side to the waist line. Note that this measure is therefore visible both on the front and back side of the figure.
  25. Waist to ankle length
    Measured in the straight standing position.
  26. Inseam 
    Measured from the ankle line to the crotch.
  27. Neck to shoulder length
    From the neck line to the beginning of the shoulder joint.
  28. Shoulder to wrist length
    From the beginning of the shoulder joint to the wrist.
  29. Height
  30. Shoulder width
    From shoulder joint to the shoulder joint.
  31. Backside chest width
    From armpit to armpit, assuming hands freely hanging down.
  32. Backside neck to waist length
    From the neck line to the waist line on the backside of the body
  33. Cup size (ladies only)
  34. Foot size (EU sizes only)

Size tables

These size tables are used for stock items.
A note on sizing of latex fashion: Use your real measurements and buy according to your normal sizing. The stretch effect (downsizing) is already counted in during design/manufacturing.

Female sizes

Breast circumference [cm]82-8586-8990-9394-9798-102103-107108-113114-119
Waist circumference [cm]66-6970-7374-7778-8182-8586-9091-9596-102
Hips circumference [cm]92-9596-9899-101102-104105-108109-112113-116117-121

Male sizes

Breast circumference [cm]86-8990-9394-9798-101102-105106-109110-113114-117
Waist circumference [cm]74-7778-8182-8586-8990-9495-99100-104105-109